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It’s the year 2020! The future has arrived! There are no flying cars yet, but I’m sure that they’ll arrive soon. And jet packs, maybe.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that you can now read one of the stories from my upcoming book, The Edge of Insanity, completely free of charge.

The Soul Destroyer, a very important story in the book, has been published elsewhere in Black Petals Magazine, and you can head over there right now to read it. Here’s the link:

I‘m very proud to have my work published in Black Petals Magazine because it’s a fine publication, specialising in creepy horror, and it also gives you a chance to get a feel for what my own book is like before you buy it. Also, take a look at the brilliant artwork that they've created to accompany the story:

If you haven’t already done so, you can pre-order your Kindle version of The Edge of Insanity right now on Amazon. As for the paperback, you‘ll have to wait until the release date, which is the 16th of April 2020.

One final note: there’s now a free mystery gift available on this site for all subscribing members. Just go onto the Members Only page to retrieve it.



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