Book gets new mention

Hi folks.

Just another quick post here to tell you that my book, The Edge of Insanity, has recently been featured on a book review/distribution website.

Distribution Fantaisie, created and run by Denis Asselin, now has my book of short stories on its list of recommended reading material.

You can read the review here:

This is another promising sign that the book is set to do well upon its release in April, and I know that at the very least it's going to shock a large proportion of people who read it.

I also have a radio interview scheduled for Saturday the 14th of March on Chat and Spin Radio at 6pm, so make sure you tune in and have a listen.

Anyway, I must dash because I have some writing and drawing to do, but I'll be putting a recording of the radio interview on here next week after it's been aired.

Stay safe, and have a great day on this strange piece of rock we call Earth

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