Story of the Eye

Updated: Jan 24

I recently had a great time re-reading a book called ‘Story of the Eye’. This gem could definitely be described as a cult classic, as its shocking content would never be accepted by the mainstream masses.

Published in the 1920's by Georges Bataille, it's a masterpiece of surrealist erotica, and I would put it in my top ten books of all time. It’s an absolute riot of shocks and laughter all the way through, and I adore it.

It goes without saying that a book like this is worthy of a video review, and so that’s exactly what I’ve done. Check out my YouTube review of ‘Story of the Eye’ by watching the video above.

And before you go, while we’re on the subject of great books, I’d like to recommend a few books from self-published authors that are worth putting on your reading list. Here are 4 self-published novels that have been brought to my attention during the last few days:

Write Like Hell: Kaiju Anthology Vol. 3

The Mirror: A Haunted House Horror Novel

Writing in the Sand by David Munday

Fabric - boxset

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